So the week started with my return to work. Amazing. Walking to the train listening to the radio with headphones in felt great. It’s been 11 months.

I felt on top of the world. Even though moments before I was mopping up blood from Ruby’s chin due to her blistered lip.

Life is moving forward. It won’t ever be the same but it is moving forward and I am moving with it.

The day was great. Meeting after meeting. Scratching my head to work out my password. Cleaning a new desk area – I got the window view now – so nice – a director has left and the space was free. I felt happy. Valued. And ready.

The next day instead of going to work again I was in hospital with Ruby. A planned visit to check Ruby’s blood – namely her platelets and re- look at Ruby’s chemo dose.

It was as though the happiness of work never happened.

I could tell her platelets were no good. After her blood test she bled a lot. We waited for the results and I was right. Just 22. With neutrophils (immunity)  at .3. They tested her blood for abnormalities and none were found. Thank goodness. So chemo stopped for a week and port was flushed /cleaned and off home we went.

Ruby was amazing through it all – many asked about her lip. About her rash. She just smiled and laughed. She keeps me going. I love her. And hope her counts climb and her lip heals and her spirit and energy continues to soar.

And I’m back to work tomorrow. Business as usual. Lots to do. Can’t wait.

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