Wow! First day of school. Done!

I told myself to be brave. But as soon as we walked into the school hall I could feel wet on my face. Tears soaked my chin and they would not stop. Ruby did not even notice. She was busy putting on her name badge and getting into her classroom.

What an unbelievable little girl.

She walked in all smiles. And waved goodbye. And that was that. Ed and I went for breakfast. I had another big cry. And then waited for 255.

My Facebook post read.

An incredibly emotional day. I cried (of course) as Ruby confidently walked into her classroom with a smile.

A long day waiting until 2:55pm ……

And I was greeted with the BIGGEST smile on her face at pick up. So lovely. Can’t believe it. So happy. She just LOVED it. ⭐️

The bravest girl in the world who just loves being with little people again! My heart is singing. ❤️🌈

With Edward Atkinson

That said it all. I am so grateful. Love you Ruby. Here we are at pick up day one.

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