We had to be at the hospital at 8am sharp this Thursday. It was like a military operation getting out the door and being on time.

First stop C2N for port to be accessed and bloods taken. Then to the nuclear medicine department for some ink to be inserted in via her port and photos taken of the blood movement around her bones. Then back to C2N to have her port deaccessed. Then breakfast and back to nuclear science department for round two of photos.

My stomach is in knots. I am looking at the scans looking for something. Hoping there is nothing. I feel ill.

All this because Ruby has a limp. Without pain but a definite limp that is unexplained.

Ruby is amazing. She has to lie so still while they take photos of her bones. Incredible really how amazing she is. So still. So perfect.

I talk to her. Close your eyes. Be zen. She smiles. Zen!

We should have some answers today. I pray for good news. We deserve good news. Ruby deserves it. Please – please.

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