Where has the time gone? We are now more than half way through our treatment. Ruby is on maintenance and going well. Her port has been removed. And she is flying through school. Incredible girl.

It’s me that feels a bit lost. I’ve had vertigo for about two months and only now coming out of the fog. After visits to the physio, GP, chiro and masseuse, I’ve stopped spinning and feeling better.

The vertigo hasn’t helped the post traumatic stress I feel I am suffering from.

Life is normal. Well on the outside. But on the inside I am still coming to terms with what has happened and what it all means.

I liken it to a soldier coming home from war and expected to pick up life where they left it. Easier said than done. Time is your best friend. And that’s what I am counting on. I still don’t feel very social. And I have accepted it’s ok to shut myself out for as long as I need.

I still cry when I think about 2016.

But look At 2017.

Super Ruby is now nestled in with friends and doing amazing. I love her with all my heart. She makes me stronger.

My husband is helping me too. His unending love and patience. I feel lucky.

And my boys. Great brothers. And bike riders. They come with their challenges but that’s normal life. And that’s great.

Baby steps. Lots to smile about.

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