I have felt all month that chicken pox was closing in on us. And here we are in emergency with a fever. Possibly chicken pox. Possibly not.

Praying to God it’s nothing. I have been enjoying normal life of work and school. It seems so unfair to go steps backwards. We have lead a charmed life this year so this is really just a reminder that life is NOT normal. Ruby is not a normal kid and we need to continue to be on high alert.

And to make matters worse Ruby’s birthday party was scheduled for this weekend. 30 kids were coming. I’ve cancelled that and running around letting people know and thinking of a plan B. Best plans of mice and men they say!

I felt immense anxiety being back. Forgetting the routine. The sterility. The air con. The sitting. The nothing. Deep breaths to focus and be there and present for Ruby.

She is sad to be here but as per her usual Amazing self she accepts and gets on with it. I love her with all my heart. Can’t imagine life without her. Get better Ruby. Love you. ❤️🌈

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