Here we are at John Hunter

So we were gifted a weekend away in the Hunter Valley more than a year ago and August 2017 seemed like a good time to lock it in.

Kids missed Friday school and we drove the 250km here amid the ‘are we there yet’ and squabbles. Arriving at lunch time and starting the fun that included lunch at the Crown plaza, wine tasting at Scarborough, desert choosing at Sabor and brilliant bike riding, hoola hooping and golf buggy riding with Ruby.

6pm it all changed.

Ruby looked ill. Lifeless on the couch. My heart began to beat faster. I knew. And sure enough her temp Hit 38.5. Agh!

We are not a normal Family. Even though we try to be. Exploring our options we made some calls and drove to the John Hunter hospital 35 mins away.

Canula disaster times two. Crap! Paediatric icu Daniel got it in finally. And the drugs started. And the hourly nurse observations. Hourly? Just as you fall asleep a nurse walks in.

Oncologist here in the morning. Hoping for some good news. We’ve been fever free since we got here. Hospitals have different rules. I have to accept we are back. Accept we are fighting a bug. Again. And enjoy lying on a very hard couch.

I want to scream and hit the walls. I feel like we have endured so much. It’s not fair. It’s not fair for Ruby. Inside I cry and panic outside I’m happy and brave.

Ruby has taught me so much. I love her so much and just want to take her away from this life we’re in. But we are here. We are moving through it. She is amazing. And continues to amaze.

Love you my bike riding hoola hooper.

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