Three weeks just girls

After the year we had, Ed and I decided that we needed to live! A fabulous trip was planned by the boys soccer club to Munich and we decided that was just the thing.

Ruby and I couldn’t go. Too risky with Ruby’s treatment so Ed put up his hand to take the three boys. It definitely made me sad that because Ruby has cancer we can’t all be together. It’s the harsh reality. But a brave face was put on for Ruby so she didn’t feel like she missed out.

First stop grandma and granddad’s house in Leicester, then Munich, Saltzberg, Basel, Alsace France and London. Wow!

What a time they have had. We’ve had daily FaceTime calls and photos and emails. With the time difference the 24 hours between calls has been long and at times lonely.

Can’t wait to hear all their stories.

Ruby and I have kept busy but I have to admit I’ve desperately missed the boys.

Everyone’s reminder that I must enjoy this time has been strange. I am enjoying it but I’m missing my mad busy life. A life of quiet, cafes, Netflix and calm is just not me. Well at least not 100 percent of the time.

I have realised I love the chaos. I love the busy. This time has let me understand that.

And one child is certainly intense. So much attention and talking!

Ruby has grown these three weeks though and I have pushed the boundaries with her and seen her able to do so much.

My anxiety of her getting a fever has calmed. She is well. I have enjoyed her being well and doing everything. She has energy. She is capable. She can walk more. She can go everywhere. Move more.

She is growing up. It’s time for me to let her do more. For me to do more. For us all as a family to do more.

Roll On October November and December. Fun spring and summer months. We have this. Can’t wait. Come home boys. Your girls miss you and need you. X

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