Waiting on bone scan results has been so hard. I thought I was going to be ok. Stay positive. Whatever will be will be. Knowledge is power. And so on. But as time ticked on I kept thinking the worst. And I knew I couldn’t cope with that. Of course I could but I just did not want to.

After a very long day and night our oncologist called. He said the results were not normal but not abnormal. Ruby does not have some terrible nerve ending side effect. Yay. But we will watch her. But nothing to be concerned about. Yay!

I felt like crying. I told Ruby her bones are perfect. She smiled. We hugged. I am just so proud of that little girl. She is incredible. And she has good bones.

We went to the chiro the next day. Thinking Ruby needs some exercises to get her body moving once more. To get stronger. So we start the rehab route. I can’t help but think one day Ruby may be athlete running for Australia. And we can all say remember when you had leukaemia and walked with a limp.


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