Yesterday was our first time back to the hospital after Ruby finished chemo.

I definitely felt somewhat anxious not knowing what her blood counts would look like.

Grandma and Granddad are visiting us from England so they came too. The more the merrier! Nice to have extra smiles by our side.

First stop a blood test. There were lots of children before us and many were screaming. What a job those blood nurses have!

Then breakfast at the hospital cafe! Ruby loves the vegemite toast followed by a cupcake.

Then waiting to see Toby, our oncologist.

We saw lots of our friends, including a music therapist Monica who had not seen Ruby since she was very unwell. It was so nice to see her eyes light up when she saw well Ruby with her long hair!!!

Finally our turn. Ruby passed with flying colours and my heart could beat again. Rubys blood is recovering slowly. She still has low immunity but that takes three months approximately.

Toby told us he is riding the Tour de Cure next week. They are raising funds for cancer research. So wonderful to think that he gives up his time to do this. Research is the key to end this suffering and I feel proud that Toby said he would share Rubys video story with them (hopefully to get more wallets to open!).

We Came home. Hospital behind us for another month. Ruby had a wonderful play with her bestie Olive and yoga class that afternoon together too. Ruby said her happy places included water, swimming and yoga! 🌈⭐️

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